Win Rare Charizard Card: Pokemon Card Contest

Win Rare Charizard Card: Pokemon Card Contest

CollectHub and Federicstore rare Charizard Holo Card raffle

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28.04.2024, 23:59:00

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About this rare Charizard Holo Card

Event regulated under Presidential Decree 430/2001 READ THE FULL REGULATIONS HERE CONTEST ACTIVE UNTIL APRIL 22, 2024.

An Artwork is an exclusive piece of artwork created in digital format especially for this contest, depicting Federic "riding" Charizard, just like in the dreams of the most passionate Pokèmon trainers!

There is no limit to the number of digital Artwork you can purchase. Each Artwork is equivalent to a free ticket to enter the contest and increases your chances of being drawn as the winner of the fantastic Charizard Holo base set with a total value of €10,000!

Participation in the final drawing: each digital Artwork purchased will give you the opportunity to enter the final drawing. The prize is a fantastic Charizard Holo base set that Collecthub is raffling in collaboration with Federic95ita.

How to win a €10,000 Charizard Holo core set card?

How to win a Charizard Holo basic set 10,000 card?

1. Go to

2. Choose the contest to enter and click on the product page of the related Artwork.

3. Purchase the Artwork for the price of 6€.

4. Once the purchase is complete a unique, random number will be generated for each Artwork purchased.

5. Each number generated is equivalent to a free ticket to win the card raffled in the contest.

6. The game is done! You are officially entered into the only contest that allows you to win a rare card of this magnitude!

Rules of participation in this contest

We remind you that all competitions are regulated pursuant to Presidential Decree 430/2001.

To participate in this prize competition, certain conditions must be met. First of all, it is essential to be of age. In the case of participation by individuals between 14 and 18 years of age, authorization from a parent or legal guardian is also required.

Furthermore, it is necessary to be resident and/or domiciled in Italy or in the Republic of San Marino.

Finally, to complete participation, the purchase of a "Digital Artwork" in the E-Shop of the website is required, accepting the competition rules and providing all the data deemed mandatory. These conditions are fundamental to guarantee correct participation and fairness of the competition for all participants.

We invite you to read the complete regulation HERE (insert regulation link)

Don't miss your chance to win this rare Charizard card

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter the Contest to win the Charizard Card?

The number of purchases being unlimited and considering that each artwork corresponds to a unique number entered in the printout for the winner's drawing is important
Note that purchasing more artwork will significantly increase your
probability of winning. Each artwork purchased is in fact equivalent to a possibility
additional winnings. We also invite you to follow us on our social channels and sign up to our newsletter as it is possible that on some special dates and anniversaries
flash campaigns can be started that will give you the opportunity to
purchase physical products to which free artwork will be linked, increasing
thus furthering your chances of victory.

Is there a fee to participate in the competition?

Numerous variable-frequency initiatives will soon be available on Collect Hub.
Each contest will be a unique opportunity to participate and win trading cards
of great value and rarity. We won't just focus on Pokémon cards, but
we will embrace the entire universe of the rarest and most expensive trading cards, including
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and Magic: The Gathering cards. Each competition will be distinctive
by the rarity and value of the cards up for grabs, offering to the participants
the exciting possibility of enriching your collections with unique pieces. Stay
Tune in for more details on upcoming initiatives and get ready for an immersive adventure into the world of trading cards with Collect Hub! To receive real-time updates on our initiatives and not to miss any opportunities, we invite you to follow our official social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter.

What are the criteria for selecting the winners?

To enter this sweepstakes, you must meet the following requirements:
A) Be of age.
B) Be resident and/or domiciled in Italy or in the Republic of San Marino.
C) Access the section dedicated to the promotion.
D) Purchase a competition-specific Artwork by providing all the required data. Each user can participate in the competition multiple times by making multiple purchases using only one profile. Acceptance of the information on the processing of personal data constitutes consent to processing for participation in the event a
prizes and implies acceptance of the competition rules. We invite you to read
the complete rules carefully before participating in the competition.

How will the winners be informed?

The winners will be contacted directly by Federic using the contact details provided at
at check-out, including email address and/or telephone number. In addition to
direct communication, users will be able to independently check the status of their Artwork via their profile on Collect Hub during all phases of the
competition. On Collect Hub, it will be possible to view the status of the Artwork, which may be "Pending", "Winning" or "Not Winning", allowing users to monitor the progress and outcome of their participation at any time.

How can I contact the organizers if I have further questions?

There are two ways to contact CollectHub customer service: the
first is to go to the "contacts" section on the site, in the email bar
menu at the top and fill out the form provided. The second method is to send
an email directly to Please include all information in your message
necessary information and your questions or requests. In both cases, our team
support team is committed to contacting you as soon as possible to assist you.

Are there any future plans for upcoming card-related contests?

Absolutely not, there are no participation limits either for individual competitions or for
participate in multiple competitions at the same time. There are no restrictions whatsoever
genre: each competition is independent and participants can take part in it
any time. Furthermore, for each competition it is possible to purchase how many
Artwork is desired, without any limitation, in order to increase the chances of