Pikatchu Illustrator: the most expensive Pokémon card in the world!

Pikatchu Illustrator: la carta Pokémon più costosa al mondo!

The world of trading cards is full of treasures, unique objects that enchant collectors with their beauty, rarity and history. Among these, few examples are as legendary and coveted as the Pikatchu Illustrator. Born amidst the Pokémon fervor of the late '90s, this card represents a rare combination of artistry and exclusivity.

The creation of the Pikatchu Illustrator dates back to 1998, when the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) was gaining popularity around the world. In Japan, CoroCoro Comic magazine, known for its coverage of Pokémon and other popular manga and anime, held a contest inviting readers to submit original Pokémon illustrations, so that the best works would be selected to be published in the magazine. Of all the illustrations received, only 39 winners were selected . Each of these illustrations received a special card called Pikatchu Illustrator (Japanese: "ピカチュウイラストレーター"), which featured the winning illustration on the card itself. These cards were not made for sale to the public, but were only distributed to contest winners, judges, and CoroCoro Comic staff members.

And this is precisely what makes the Pikatchu Illustrator the most expensive pokémon card in the world : the fact that it was distributed in an extremely limited number and that it was created exclusively for this competition. This combination of rarity and connection to a specific event has made it one of the most coveted pieces in the Pokémon card collection, quickly becoming an icon among Pokémon card collectors, and its value has increased considerably over the years. The rarity of the Pikatchu Illustrator is one of the main factors contributing to its exceptionally high value on the market. As mentioned previously, this card was distributed in an extremely limited number, only 39 copies were produced and distributed, making this card extremely rare since its origin and, as if this factor were not already enough to make it of a unique rarity in world, only 24 of these were subsequently graded , while practically nothing is known about the others. The availability of Pikatchu Illustrator on the secondary market is extremely limited and opportunities to purchase a copy are very rare. When a copy appears on the market, it often generates enormous attention from collectors, who are willing to pay considerable sums to secure an example for their collection. Past transactions of this card have recorded staggering figures. At many auctions and private sales, the price of a single copy has been estimated at tens of thousands of dollars, with some exceptionally well-preserved examples even reaching figures in excess of $100,000. These high prices reflect the ever-increasing demand for this iconic card and its unsurpassed rarity.

One of the examples of this card was put up for auction not long ago, right during Pokemon Day 2023, and was listed at a selling price of $ 500,000 . The Pikatchu Illustrator card in this auction was graded 8. One of these cards graded 7 previously sold for $375,000. But there is only one version in perfect condition graded 10, and it was sold for a whopping 5 million dollars during a private sale. The purchase was made by YouTuber Logan Paul from the United States of America, who bought this card in July 2021. This is a deal that has entered the card directly into the Guinness World Record Book . The extreme confidentiality of the previous owner, resident in Saudi Arabia, had made the truthfulness of the fact that he was in possession of the card only a rumor. To be able to get in touch, Logan Paul had to make use of some intermediaries, thus starting five months of negotiations following which he had to land directly in Saudi Arabia to negotiate on site. At the end of all this process, the YouTuber managed to conclude the sale for an amount of over 5,000,000 dollars. A few months after becoming its owner, Logan Paul decided to show off his treasure during the first night of Wrestlemania 38, the famous wrestling show. In fact, the YouTuber showed it off around his neck like a real jewel, in a gold and diamond case worth around 80,000 dollars.

The well-known YouTuber Federic95ita , a CollectHub collaborator, obviously could not fail to have created content dedicated to this special card on his official channel; We invite you to go and see it.

It is important to note that the market value of the Pikatchu Illustrator may fluctuate over time based on various factors, including available market supply, specific card conditions, and trends in the trading card market in general. Despite this, its position as the most expensive and sought-after Pokémon card in the world remains strong.