How to win a €10,000 Charizard Pokémon card with CollectHub and Federic: All the Details

Come vincere una carta Pokémon Charizard da 10.000€ con CollectHub e Federic: Tutti i Dettagli
Have you always dreamed of owning a Charizard Holo Core Set card, the one that all collectors desire, but the price has always been out of your reach? Well, now you have the chance to win one worth €10,000 thanks to Federic! With almost a million followers on his YouTube channel "Federic95ita", Federic has built a real community that shares his passion for Pokémon cards and the world of collecting  in general.

Participating in the competition to win the €10,000 Charizard card is very simple:

1. Go to
2. Choose the contest you want to participate in and click on the relevant Artwork product page.
3. Purchase the Artwork for the price of €5.
4. Once the purchase is completed, a unique and random number will be generated for each Artwork purchased.
5. Each number generated is equivalent to a free ticket to win the card up for grabs in the competition.
6. That's it! You are officially entered in the only contest that allows you to win a rare card of this magnitude!
7. You can check the winning status of your ticket at any time by accessing your profile on the Collect Hub website!

And no! We know you're wondering, there is no purchase limit: the more artwork you buy, the more chances you have of winning. So, if you want to increase your chances of taking home one of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world, you can purchase all the artwork you want on the Collect Hub website, thus owning more tickets to participate in the competition! But let's take a closer look at the card you could win! The Charizard Holo Pokémon card from the core set is one of the most iconic and sought-after cards among Pokémon card collectors. She was introduced in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) core set in 1999, at the beginning of the Pokémon phenomenon that quickly gained popularity around the world. The Charizard Holo card from the core set has always been particularly desired for several reasons: first of all for its design, in fact the card features a distinctive illustration of Charizard, with a dynamic and detailed image that captures the essence of the most famous Flame Pokémon Of all times. Most of all, for a collector, its rarity and value obviously matter, in fact this card has been relatively difficult to find in expansion packs and this has contributed to increasing its value on the trading card market. But this obviously isn't enough to justify why this specific card that Collect Hub, in collaboration with Federic, gives you the chance to win is so coveted and rare.

"PSA 10" refers to one of the highest ratings assigned by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), a leading rating and authentication company in the world of trading cards, including Pokémon TCGs. When a Pokémon card is graded by PSA, various factors are examined, including:

Centering: The paper must be perfectly centered, with no cut or moved edges.
Corners: The corners of the paper must be sharp and free of damage.
Surface: The surface of the card must not have scratches, stains or other imperfections.
Printing: Printing must be crisp and clear, without smudges or defects.
Cleaning: The paper must be clean and free of dirt, stains or signs of wear.

If a card receives a score of "PSA 10", it means that it has been rated perfect or virtually perfect in every respect considered by PSA. These cards are extremely rare as they represent the highest possible condition for a Pokémon card. PSA 10 cards tend to have a very high market value, especially if they are rare or iconic cards just like our Charizard! Finally, a card's "Gem Mint" rating indicates that the card is in impeccable condition, with no visible signs of wear or defects, meeting all of the above standards 100%. It just so happens that our Charizard Base Set is Gem mint and PSA 10.

The world of Pokémon card collecting is a magical experience that unites fans of all ages and from every corner of the world. Each card has its own story and value, and owning a Charizard card is the dream of many collectors. Thanks to initiatives like Federic's, these dreams can become reality. But even if you don't manage to win this card, don't worry, Collect hub and Federic will continue to collaborate and bring initiatives like this to give as many enthusiasts as possible the opportunity to expand their collection with the rarest and most valuable cards that exist. Not just Pokemon, Yu gi oh cards, Magic and much more! Don't waste time, visit the Collect hub website, buy your artwork and cross your fingers to be the next winner!